Yoga Burn Review. Lose Weight and Get in Shape in a Natural and Healthy Way

For many women, yoga is a good choice of exercise- it’s easy on the joints, it improves flexibility, and you can do it in your home. However, if you are new to yoga, you might be unsure of where to begin. Yoga Burn, a yoga program designed especially for women, can help those who want to start a yoga program but don’t understand how to design a program or to do certain exercises. This program comes in digital and hard-copy forms and is designed to be a blueprint for an at-home yoga program, sot here’s no need to attend in-person classes or pay for a gym membership. Yoga Burn can be a convenient way for women to lose weight and gain flexibility while in the comfort of their homes.

What is Yoga Burn?

This Yoga Burn program is designed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. Bray-Cotton has taught multiple types of yoga for ten years, and she developed Yoga Burn to help beginners to yoga (as well as beginners to exercise in general) develop skills, strength, and flexibility. It also contains modifications for pregnancy. The program is somewhat unique, as subscribers receive both a physical DVD collection as well as a digital download of the entire program. This allows you to get started immediately with the digital download while you wait for the DVDs to arrive. The program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied.

A Detailed Look at Yoga Burn

As noted above, this program has been developed by a yoga expert to help those new to yoga gradually develop the skills and knowledge needed for a successful practice. Part of why this program is good for beginners has to do with the principle of dynamic sequencing. This means that the program starts out with the basics of how to perform each movement. As your body adapts to this challenge, the program challenges you further with more advanced movement variations. This can help keep your body guessing, which means that you likely won’t become bored with your workout.

In total, the Yoga Burn program has three phases, with 15 total videos making up the program. From the product website, it is unclear how often you should do the exercises, or how long you would typically remain in each phase of training. The program is built on an important general exercise principle, though- it is important, regardless of your exercise discipline, to vary your training for maximum results. This deliberate sequencing that continually increases challenges can help you to continue to achieve your goals, whether you want to lose weight, become more flexible, or become more proficient at yoga in general.

According to the program designer, this is a program for anyone, whether they have a fitness background or not. The program DVD and digital download set also includes two bonus videos: the Beginner Flow and the Tranquility Flow. These are gentler, easier yoga flows that can be used if you are injured or if you just need a more gradual introduction into the practice of yoga. Yoga Burn also can be used in pregnancy, and Bray-Cotton recommends that pregnant women use the bonus videos as well as the included exercise modifications. The program includes a list of exercise modifications for each trimester of pregnancy, so you can rest assured that you have a fully customized program for your situation.

The manufacturer offers two different pricing options for this program. You can purchase the entire program as both DVDs and a digital download for $47. Shipping is free. There is an incentive to purchase two full copies, as you can receive two DVD collections and two digital downloads for $67 with free shipping. The product website states that this is a limited-time offer, although it does not specify when, or if, this offer will expire. The manufacturer accepts a wide variety of payment options, included most credit cards and PayPal.

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Pros and Cons of Yoga Burn

This program has several benefits, especially for those who are relatively uninitiated to the world of yoga. One is the fact that it starts slowly enough that women of all fitness levels can benefit, and the bonus included videos can be a helpful start for those who find the beginning of the regular program to be too taxing. Additionally, the extensive list of exercise modifications for different stages of pregnancy is helpful and makes this a more accessible yoga program for pregnant women. Another benefit is the included digital download, which is very convenient for those who are eager to start their new workout regimen. The money-back guarantee is also a plus, as it offers a layer of security for those who may not be sure if this program is what they need.

One disadvantage of the program is the fact that users don’t really get a preview of what type (or types) of yoga are involved in the program- they know that it’s a yoga program designed for women, but that’s about it. The product description also doesn’t specify exactly how the yoga flows become more challenging, or what specifically makes the program ideal for women. Because of the lack of detail, buyers are taking a gamble. However, the generous 60-day money-back guarantee helps to make this less of a disadvantage, as users can get a refund with no questions asked.

Final Words

In short, the premise of the Yoga Burn program is a good one, and the fact that exercises progress gradually means that most users will be able to continue to use the program over a long period of time. While it has some disadvantages, namely the lack of detail as to what actually goes into the program, the money-back guarantee may help coax those with doubts to make a purchase. Because it’s been developed by a yoga expert and seems to have some sound training principles behind it, this at-home program may well be the workout solution some women are looking for.