Venus Factor Xtreme Review. Lose Several Pounds in Just a Week

Some people want to win a victory in the weight loss category that they can almost taste their success. However, an exact way to go about doing this task in the most efficient method is not readily available. Or more accurately, was not available. Now, there is an option for women to use when they want to maximize their exercise and diet regimens to conduct as much weight loss as possible. This new, advantageous product for weight loss strategy for women is found in the Venus Factor Xtreme.

General Description

Venus Factor Xtreme makes use of a unique diet and exercise strategy that helps to optimize what the female body is able to do to get into a great working metabolism and perform healthy weight loss that lasts a lifetime. These decisions are made based on measurements the woman takes beforehand, her personal food preferences, schedule availability, and the exercises she is able to do. The combination of information between these items makes sure that she can maximize her results for the long term.

The Venus Factor Xtreme was made by John Barban. He is the international bestselling author of multiple dieting books and fitness programs. He gained a master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition from the University of Guelph. He went into his graduate studies at the University of Florida where he taught as a member of the Health and Human Performance department. He is also known or having worked extensively in health and sports to find the right supplements for men and women through research and development. He is also a regulatory consultant for many companies. He has spent almost ten years focusing on this research and development, and Venus Factor Xtreme is one product that has resulted from this research.

Product Details

This strategy works on a mindset that any woman can be healthy, lean, and tone under one condition: she has to be willing to make lifestyle changes. Venus Factor Xtreme focuses on making those lifestyle changes one step at a time to be sure that they are implemented in a timely and effective manner. At the same time, it promotes a great deal of healthy weight loss in a natural way without having to take pills, mix powders into food, or use any kind of magic potion.

This program is also a great way to maintain weight loss over time. It teaches women to take proactive steps towards a healthier lifestyle. In many cases, these lessons and lifestyle changes last for a lifetime because they make a great impact on women from the get go. People show not much effort is needed in order to make these changes on the steps along this program. Some of these changes regarding weight loss and maintenance have some factors to deal with genetics, current lifestyle decisions, and individual and environmental factors to consider.

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Pros and Cons

There are plenty of advantages to using Venus Factor Xtreme. One of the greatest features is that it adapts to almost anyone’s weight loss situation. It can be altered and changed as needed while the program continues on to meet any changes that might happen. The program can be edited and scaled back if needed, should too much weight loss take place at one time, or it can be sent throttling ahead to conduct more weight loss. The essential factor in this process, though, is to balance these two factors, so healthy weight loss is achieved and maintained over time consistently.

In reality, Venus Factor Xtreme is meant to provide gradual weight loss, which is the healthiest way to do so. However, some people might overuse this fast method of weight loss. In this case, people are at greater risk for becoming sick. The immune system can slow down and will not be able to respond as readily to viruses and infections.

At the same time, individual results may vary. This weight loss program does not guarantee that anyone will lose a given amount of weight within a certain timeframe for a reason. Healthy weight loss for one person is different than the same thing for another. Bodies are going to react to the caloric restriction and exercise in different ways. Therefore, it is important to note that going at the program in a slow way to adapt to its demands first is highly recommended.

If this program does not work for someone, though, they have not lost out on their investment in the program. The company behind this program offers a satisfaction guarantee that will issue a 100 percent free refund within the first sixty days, and zero questions will be asked.


Venus Factor Xtreme works for many reasons. It helps women to work with their bodies to find the right ways to lose weight, and it teaches them to make lifestyle changes that will last. This diet is not a quick fix. It is a permanent dedication to making healthier decisions.