The Lost Ways Review. The Ultimate Survival Guide

Author Claude Davis unearths some of the best-kept secrets that helped our ancestors keep going during economic crises, wars, famines, droughts, diseases, and any negative thing that life threw at them. The secrets are meant to help people survive should they be faced with tough problems, such as nuclear catastrophes or the economic systems crumbling down.

Why the Lost Ways

Our world has been accustomed to technology, good healthcare, electricity, and food in restaurants and grocery stores. What if all of these were taken away from us? Would we survive? Do we have the know-how to survive the hardest of the times? This book gives the knowledge of how things were done before these “privileges” came into being. Since all of us were born during the lifetime of these privileges, we do not know what it is like to live without them.

The Lost Way details how we can continue to live without hunger and diseases if these innovations were taken from us. There is a great likelihood that a global catastrophe will happen within our lifetime. As we all know, the world is already in bad shape. Today, there are several incurable diseases that have the potential to eliminate livelihoods, terrorism, and nuclear warfare, among others. Any of these could practically take us tens of centuries back.

Claude Davis has authored the book. He is a survival expert that has several years of experience. Therefore, he is not beating around the bush. The author has not put together wild stories about survival. Claude has indeed tried several of the methods that he discusses in the book.

The author has based his book on the olden days. Three hundred or so years back, our ancestors lived in conditions were much worse than we do. However, it does not mean that they did not live fulfilling lives. In fact, they found comfort in what they did and lived happily.

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Even if their levels of comfort cannot be compared to what is present today, they are not worse. However, this is the problem in our hands. Technological advancements have made us way too satisfied, comfortable, and relaxed than we should be. This situation has made us forget some of our basic and natural survival instincts. That is why it is hard to live without a mobile phone, the internet, cars, baking bread, cooking gas, and processed foods. The lost ways teach us how to get our lives back on course without all these items. It takes us to the very basic things as lighting fires to complex activities such as building shelters.

The Pros of the Book

The publication gives the very basic practical information for survival in the harshest of times. It can come in handy if none of the items that we have in place exist. Also, it can even help you survive if you got lost in some wilderness.

Claude Davis takes a deep interest in ancient nutrition. He tells us how our ancestors created super foods. The author tells us how they managed to store their food for years without losing its nutritional value. He helps us evaluate our current eating habit and contrasts it with the past. Besides, he illustrates the essence of natural food that is rich in vitamins, proteins, and the like.

Another important lesson is how food can be grown, tendered, and harvested. Since food is the pivot of human survival, we need to know how it is grown. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to grow anything. With the scenarios given in the book, you can grow just any foods (according to your area and the disaster that has befallen you).

The Lost Ways gives you an idea of independence in case everything goes. It shows how bunkers were made by the Native Americans and ways they can guarantee safety for you and your family. If you cannot grow crops, there are hunting tricks that can save you from impending starvation.

Diseases are some of the biggest threats to your survival. The book shows you which plants can be used to treat which ailments and ways to prepare natural medicine, as well as the required dosages to administer them. In addition, you will learn about ways to collect and preserve water without plastic bags or other modern containers.

Claude Davis shows that you are the creator of your destiny. He illustrates how to change your mind in his philosophy course. The author also creates a momentum for strength and self-defense in the worst times of your survival.

The Cons of the Book

There is so much information that has been squeezed into a few pages in the publication. The chances are very high that you are going to be lost in the way and fail to make head or tail of the details presented.

In some areas, the author has restricted the reader to think in a given way- his philosophy. This can be counterproductive to his mission of helping the world survive.

Some of the ideas put in the book may not work for people who may find themselves in problems in urban areas or location where vegetation has been cleared. Given that plants may be destroyed in a catastrophe as a well, there is a chance that some of the ideas given in the book may not be of help to certain victims. Moreover, some of the plants that are stated in the book are hard to recognize, especially people that do not live in rural areas.

Final Words

The Lost Ways is a perfect survival “bible” for whatever negative event the future may bring your way. It has tons of valuable information, which is given in a practical manner and simple language that anyone can understand. You have everything that you need to survive between the hardcover. If you do not like the course, you can return the book for a refund. However, it is highly questionable that you will find the information not useful in one way or another. Consider buying the book, reading, and re-reading it.