Ted’s Woodworking Review. The Largest Collection of 16000 Step by Step Plans

Are you a professional woodworker? Or perhaps just a hobbyist? Regardless of your skill level, every woodworker has experienced the frustration and confusion that comes from inadequate or incomplete instructions. It starts out the same every time: you see a project on T.V., in a magazine, or in your neighbor’s yard that you want for your own house. You order the instructions, rip them out of a magazine, or just ask Bill how he did it, and off you go. Suddenly, usually about half way through, you realize the measurements are all off, you’re missing important parts, or the instructions simply stopped (you must now purchase part two, they say). This is where Ted comes in. He’s felt that frustration. He’s here to offer you an incredible opportunity while furthering your woodworking abilities.

Schematics, measurement lists, and an accurate tools required list are just some of the priceless information you will receive upon purchasing this incredible product. Ted is a certified master woodworker, educator, trainer, author, and member of AWI, so as a customer you know that you are receiving only the best and most accurate information. The detailed schematics and various views of each project plan leave no detail up to guesswork and ensure that all the pieces will simply “click into place”. While looking at the various projects offered by this product, you may feel overwhelmed—especially as a beginner. Fear not! The instructions offered by Ted are so simple, accurate, and detailed that even the newest of woodworkers can complete any of the gorgeous projects in the product. With over 16,000 schematics to choose from, there is a design for everyone.

Think back to the last woodworking project you created. Was it from a magazine? A product of your own design? Just how many times did you have to stop or rethink the design because you did not foresee an issue with measurements or tools needed? With Ted’s product, there will never be a need to stop due to issues outside of your control. Each schematic is so detailed that the product basically builds itself. Have you ever wanted to build your own billiard table? How about a drill press? Or perhaps a gun cabinet, or even a wishing well, is more along the lines of what you are looking to build. These are just a small handful of the more than 16,000 projects that will become instantly available to you upon purchase of Ted’s product. In addition to the already huge library of products that will be available to you 24/7 online, a new project will be emailed to you every month! If you would prefer to have the project plans and all needed information available to you on a DVD, you can! The DVDs will be mailed to your mailbox (maybe even one you built from a plan in the library!) hassle-free. If this wasn’t already an incredible deal, you can also request a custom plan for a project of your own creation. The master craftsmen that work for Ted are just an email or phone call away and will create a custom schematic, bill of materials, and more just for you. Even if you just have a quick question, the master craftsmen are always happy to help and support you as you build one amazing product after another.

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Don’t go anywhere just yet! In addition to all the amazing items already discussed, Ted is offering four amazing bonuses for free to go along with all the incredible information you are already receiving by ordering this wonderful product. The first is a DWG/CAD plan viewer. If you’ve ever been around blueprints, then you already know that CAD software is almost prohibitively expensive for a small business or individual to own. However, with Ted’s product, you get it for free. Yes, you read that right—FREE. The next bonus is lifetime access to 150 incredible woodworking videos hosted by veteran woodworkers. Perhaps you learn better by watching people do something than by simply reading. If so, these videos are for you! The third bonus to ordering this product today is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide on how to start your very own woodworking business.

It contains information on licensing, accounting, taxes, how to deal with competition, how to find and work with suppliers, and much, much more! You will never have to wonder if your business will fail, as long as you follow Ted’s easy guide. The last and final bonus is one that wasn’t originally going to be included. However, Ted decided that if you order today, he is more than happy to throw in the Complete Woodworking Carpentry Guides. Yes, you read that right. This guide is over 200 pages of pure help to any woodworker or carpenter. It includes detailed drawings, diagrams, and solid advice for any problem or issue that may arise while practicing this amazing craft. Anyone that has owned this guide will agree that it is a solid base upon which to build up your carpentry skills. While it may seem like this product is almost too good to be true, it’s not! Every product has a downside. Ted’s product has only one downside—you have to wait a whole month between each new plan. You will be so excited an eager to see what project is coming next that you won’t want to wait a whole month to find out!

In short, this product is worth far more than is being charged for it. Any woodworker will benefit from purchasing Ted’s plans. Your friends and family will be amazed at just how quickly you will be able to finish even the most seemingly extravagant projects. So what are you waiting for? Go to www.tedswoodworking.com today and purchase your very own copy of all of the amazing content that is offered with your new project plans! Happy woodworking from us to you!