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Numerology has been studied and used for many centuries and is widely accepted across the globe. In general terms, numerology studies the significance of numbers in our daily lives. The title “numerologist” can be used to describe anyone who studies numerical patterns and draws conclusions from these discoveries. While this term can be connected to people who do not practice traditional numerology, the term more generally refers to psychics, life coaches, and astrologists as these parties use this philosophy most frequently and diligently. These groups use this philosophy in their work and rely heavily on numerology to uncover patterns and make predictions for their clients. is an online portal that provides information on this popular art. The site offers various numerology reports and services to clients of all ages and backgrounds. The mission of the company is to serve as a resource for those interested in numerology as well as to offer significant numerology insight. The portal has a variety of experienced authors who regularly contribute content to the site. The portal’s most notable contributors include Kari Samuels (Numerologist & Happiness Coach), Felicia Bender (Professor and Author), and Alyssa Sharpe (astrologist & YouTube celebrity). Each of these contributors are experienced in the science of numerology and offer some of the best advice in the business.

Content on includes educational resources, leadership and development tips, and community support ideas. Visitors can even get a free numerology reading after filling out a brief questionnaire. The site also sells a variety of other numerology reports from dissecting your telephone number to understanding how color schemes can alter the course of your day. Readers are drawn to this site because it offers an explanation to life’s happenings and also provides a sense of empowerment and individuality. The site includes the most comprehensive and updated list of resources available in the field. Readers will learn a lot about their own habits and patterns and will go away feeling comfortable in their own skin and ready to tackle the world!

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As you can see, numerology is widely researched and is used pretty heavily by a lot of people around the world. Many people will use the concepts of numerology as a life guide, but it shouldn’t be the sole source of information. Numerology offers a lot of information, but there are pros and cons to this art:


  1. Learn to Make Better Choices
    Numerology can be used as a guide for making more informed decisions. People who engage in numerology practices tend to have a better understanding of their life and their personal habits and patterns. Numerology can uncover a load of hidden desires, ambitions, or fears and can identify any potential roadblocks to your success. This simple awareness can lead to better decision making and has a tendency to reduce anxiety about things out of our control.
  2. Mend Broken Relationships
    Your personal patterns also have an impact on your relationships with others. A numerology reading can explore your personality in more depth and offer insight into the way you interact with others. This process can uncover both positive and negative relational qualities and point you in a new direction when it comes to your relationships. You can learn strategies for mending wounded relationships as well as ways to find more fulfillment in your existing relationships. It will bring new life to your views on relationships and you’ll learn how to better manage each connection.
  3. Identify Priorities
    Another benefit of numerology is the ability to more clearly define priorities. While numerology can’t be the sole source of direction for your life, it can help to uncover some of your deep seeded passions and ambitions. This discovery can help you better organize your life and communicate priorities. You’ll be equipped to build your life and schedule around these newfound priorities and will find more fulfillment in all areas of your life.


  1. Not Universally Accepted
    Numerology is not currently considered a proven science. There are plenty of people across the world who advocate for numerology, but there are many skeptics who refuse to promote this helpful product. As a result, there is a slight stigma associated with the philosophy and it is often discounted in professional circles.
  2. Expensive to Obtain
    Numerology can be helpful and insightful, but it also comes at a price. Numerology reports and readings can be relatively expensive to obtain making it less accessible to people who may need the experience the most. This proves as a barrier and definitely lands a spot on the cons list.
  3. Difficult to Master
    The art of numerology can be quite challenging to understand in the first few years. There is a large learning curve with the process, and it takes a solid dose of dedication and commitment. Anyone hoping to master this craft should understand the process and the time commitment involved.

Overall, numerology can be a useful tool for anyone looking to make positive life changes. Through numerology you can engage in a life changing self-exploration and discovery process. You’ll be able to make better decisions and enhance your relationships in all aspects of your life.