Manifestation Miracle Review. Improve Your Life and Open Yourself to New Opportunities.

Ever since The Secret was published in 2006, there has been a growing interest in the “law of attraction.” In case you haven’t heard already, the “law of attraction” basically states that you can attract whatever you desire in life simply by changing your habitual thoughts. Due to the amazing success of The Secret, there has been a deluge of “law of attraction” books, CDs, lecture programs, and meditation workshops flooding the self-help market. Everyone claims to have made the revelations of The Secret simpler and more potent. Some of these products are reputable, but others are grade-A phony baloney.

One of the more popular e-books now on the “law of attraction” market is called Manifestation Miracle. Written by Heather Matthews, this relatively short book promises to reveal “the secret behind The Secret.” Can it be true? Can Manifestation Miracle be the one book you need to harness the powers of the universe? In this article, we’ll give you an honest review Matthews’ Manifestation Miracle. By the end of this piece, you should have a good sense whether or not Matthews’ product is right for you.

Heather Matthews has been known in the self-help community for a few years now. She’s especially known for her transformational lectures using key concepts from the Hermetic principles (especially the “law of attraction”). Manifestation Miracle is Matthews’ first official book outlining her own personal strategy for success. She describes Manifestation Miracle as a “lazy person’s method” for achieving abundance in all areas of life. Although her course has a workbook and exercises you must complete, she doesn’t focus her attention on visualizations. Her whole course is really focused on giving you fast results.

So, what does the Manifestation Miracle course actually include? First off, you get the 159-page manual simply called Manifestation Miracle. Along with this central text, you will receive the book in an audio format, as well as audio chapter recaps. Matthews also includes a MindTracks collection called “Unlimited Success” to help you achieve your goals. A few bonus features Matthews now offers in her Manifestation Miracle package include a 21-day Abundance Success workbook and MindTrack, a Love and Happiness Super MindTrack, and a Money MindFlood System. All of these products are designed to enhance a person’s wealth, health, and love life using the principles outlined in her central book.

Most people that purchase Manifestation Miracle enjoy the product overall. While there’s nothing groundbreaking in Matthews’ text, her book is well-written and goes over all of the major themes beginners need to know about the “law of attraction.” Just a few topics Matthews goes over include meditation, gratitude, affirmations, and visualizations. If you are new to the “law of attraction” sphere, then Manifestation Miracle is a decent buy.

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People who are a bit more advanced in their “law of attraction” practice will probably not find much in Manifestation Miracle to meet their needs. While there are exercises and a workbook here, these are not really tailored for intermediate students. Although Matthews’ claims to have invented the term “destiny tuning,” many people have pointed out that this concept has already been explored in other guises in different “law of attraction” books. Matthews’ exploration of the “law of attraction” is valid, but it’s not especially profound. Anyone looking for a more complex and advanced workbook should look elsewhere.

One major problem customers have with Manifestation Miracle is that it feels “oversold.” Anyone who goes onto the official website will immediately see what these critics mean. The main page has an extremely long video narrated by Heather talking about her “secret behind The Secret.” But, honestly, the whole video is just a bunch of hot air. Matthews just beats around the bush and then asks you to buy her product at the end of the video. Unfortunately, this could easily turn people away from purchasing the product, even though the product isn’t really that bad for beginners.

Getting back to the pros of Manifestation Miracle, the affirmation audio files definitely help with repeated practice. All of these audio tracks are short, direct, and professionally done. Also on the positive side, Manifestation Miracle has a dedicated customer service hotline you can contact at any time with questions. You can find the link to the customer service page on Manifestation Miracle’s official website.

Bottom line, Manifestation Miracle is an extremely professional product that’s best suited for beginners. All of the core concepts of “law of attraction” theory can be found in this booklet and accompanying audio files. The book is clearly written and the chapter review audios help to cement core concepts in the reader’s mind. Also, the exercises in each chapter will help readers put Matthews’ theories into practice right away. People who have more experience in the esoteric community, however, really shouldn’t invest in this product. While all of the information here is solid, you could also find it in many other “law of attraction” primers.