Lean Belly Breakthrough Review. How to Lose 1 Pound of Belly Fat Every 72 Hours

A lean, ripped stomach is something many people wish they could attain. Hitting the gym with consistency while following a great diet does help with such a goal. Not everyone ends up thrilled with the results they see….if they even see any results. The Lean Belly Breakthrough diet program claims to deliver the solution so many are desperately seeking.

Bruce Krahn, the popular fitness guru, has come up with the Lean Belly Breakthrough concept. Krahn previously devised the “Fat Fighter Diet” and is known for training celebrities. The Lean Belly Breakthrough is his new offering, and the program presents a “simple two-minute ritual” designed for achieving results.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough Overview

Bruce Krahn had a little help coming up with this diet and fitness program. Krahn credited a Dr. Heinrick as a contributor to discoveries found in the Lean Belly Breakthrough. Working together, the two have come up with a methodology intended to cut down on body fat while also assisting with heart health and more. Of course, individual results vary and no one should consider any diet and exercise program a substitute for medical care and evaluations.

At the core of the program is a list of good foods, spices, and herbs designed to support fat loss. Additional, a basic “belly shred” workout program is detailed. Interestingly, the program explains five basic body movements that could potentially cut down on body fat.

Healthy eating is strongly supported with this program. Food that are — as the saying goes — “good for you” are promoted. Faddish and bizarre food choices are not part of the equation. The food selections are not of the absurd “Hotdog Diet” variety.

Cutting down on calorie intake is important for weight loss, but the food suggestions presented in the Leak Belly Breakthrough are not intended to be part of a starvation diet. Diet in this program is defined as eating healthier as opposed to focusing on massive short-term calorie restrictions.

All of this may seem standard fare though, but there are a few things that help set Lean Belly Breakthrough out from the crowded field of diet and exercise programs. Krahn notes that “internal irritation” impacts belly fat, which is an approach quite original to this diet.

Irritation may be another means of describing inflammation and this diet promotes three means of helping to address inflammation via dietary and exercise suggestions.

One way “the Breakthrough” seeks to help those interested in shedding weight is through identifying food sensitivities that might remain hidden. The average person is not a nutritionist and likely does not know when food — even healthy food — could be contributing to inflammation. Reviewing information in a diet plan may lead to determining if a current series of food choices contains items the body is sensitive to.

The diet is intended for both men and women who are over the age of 50. After reaching and passing middle age, losing belly fat becomes difficult. The metabolism slows down making the conversion of fat to energy much more difficult. Perhaps this is one reason why some older persons struggle with trying to lose weight with traditional diets.

Needless to say, strenuous exercises are not going to be appreciated by persons over the age of 50. Nor do many people used to a particular way of eating and lifestyle for years and years wish to make drastic changes. This diet program does not require any radical diet or fitness changes making it potentially more accessible to older persons.

The specific exercises are designed for home workouts. This means no visits to the gym, no lengthy endurance tests on a treadmill, and no pumping heavy iron. Simple body weight workouts are suggested and they are performed with the intention of reducing inflammation and addressing belly fat.

Product Details

The manuals cover a number of different topics including metabolism boosting, emergency fat loss, insights into the “two-minute belly fat melting rituals”, and a manual explaining detailed instructional videos.

Access to a video that details how to perform workouts is beneficial. A visual guide is what most people need and the addition of a corresponding manual makes things even clearer.

Overall, the package is a comprehensive one that details scores of different information. Those looking for a lot of material to review won’t be disappointed.

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The Pros and Cons of the Lean Belly Breakthrough

Like any other product, the Lean Belly Breakthrough has its positives and its drawbacks. Things to consider include:


  • Nothing here is all that complicated. The diet plan is not too difficult to follow and the exercises are not intended to be overly complicated.
  • The diet also provides information on heart health and other areas of holistic interest.
  • The deal comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Those who are not happy with their results have the option of requesting a refund.


  • A PDF file is a mysterious creature to some people. A few customers would prefer the material be made available in simple, old-fashioned book form. Sorry, but that is not possible – PDF is the only way to view the content.
  • Results are absolutely going to vary. No diet can guarantee every single person who goes on the diet is going to experience the same results.

Final Words

Everyone is looking for a new program promising to help with losing weight. Not every program is for everyone, but some are better than others. The unique nature of the Lean Belly Breakthrough makes it worth looking into. Persons interested in losing some unwanted belly fat should do a little research into the Lean Belly Breakthrough to determine if it is for them.